1. Graduates’ Competencies

   Able to think systematically based on scientific logics,

   Able to apply science accurately to deal with current problems,

   Able to develop themselves in order to possess capability to design chemistry engineering operation and process,

   Possess basic skills to develop themselves to conduct scientific research,

   Able to innovate, think creatively, concern about the environment, and commit sustainable development.


2. Competencies in Year I, II, III, IV

There are three categories based on the courses, they are: Main Competencies), Supporting Competencies, and Miscellaneous. They are mapped in the table below :

Main Competencies Supporting Competencies Miscellaneous

Able and skillful in applying scientific logics in the field of chemical engineering to analyze process system and/or production system

Able and skillful in applying basic science concepts for information technology science such as Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology to support and develop the scientific comprehension of process Industry in relation to production operation

Able and skillful in applying basic concepts of chemical process technology such as thermodynamics, Chemistry Engineering process based on transport phenomena, and chemical process reaction in process operation and production

Able to develop and execute ‘trouble shutting’ in production operation based on the understanding of technological process concepts and any related studies

Able to analyze chemical process and production system to involve actively in the development, design, and modification of process units and operation units

Possess and apply the knowledge of professional ethics and responsibilities

Able to communicate effectively
Able to facilitate information and computer technology effectively in the chemical process technology

Able to work effectively both individually and in multidisciplinary team either as members or leaders

Able to develop leadership in the process industry

Able to innovate and adapt with the process technology development for professionalism and entrepreneurship

Understand and commit to oneself responsibilities and as society members

Understand the social, cultural, and global responsibilities and the importance of sustainable development and the principals Where it is based on

Understand and able to develop negotiating strategies in activities in the field of bidang Chemistry Engineering

Able to develop continuously through life-long learning