Faculty Of Art And Design


Becoming a leading academic executing unit, which is able to coordinate, perform, and deliver services to the departments in the faculty to implement the Tri Dharma Perguruan Tinggi in order to graduate bachelors of interior design, product design, and visual communication design with innovative attitude and entrepreneurial insight, as well as the ability to actively get involved in the national competitive strengthening, national culture development, and technology improvement.


  1. To coordinate the performance and development of education, research, and community empowerment in the departments within the faculty.
  2. To perform the administration and development in the faculty.
  3. To enhance the cooperation either between departments in the faculty, with other faculties or units in Itenas, or with other parties in the field of the education, research, and community empowerment.


  1. To coordinate the effective and efficient performance of education in the faculty oriented to the graduates; competencies fulfilling the industry’s needs.
  2. To coordinate the research conduction consistently aiming at the quality development of the staff in the faculty in accordance to their field.
  3. To coordinate the development of the academics with integrity and responsibility to guard both self-honor and the institution’s, and capability to be role models in the environment.
  4. To develop the administrative staff with integrity and responsibility to guard both self-honor and the institution’s, and professional in their fields.
  5. To enhance the administrative performance in order to support the departments to graduate highly qualified bachelors.
  6. To increase students’ activities forming the attitudes of ethical professions.
  7. To develop the cooperation either inter-departments in the faculty or with other parties in order to implement Tri Dharma.