Depatment of Industrial Engineering

The department of industrial engineering is proposed to graduate bachelors with highly qualified skills in design, physical organization, reparation and operation of integral systems consist of human, machine, materials, money, information, and energy.

The industrial engineering skills cover industrial engineering and management engineering. Both need strong basic in principals and artificial methods and integral systems and based on science and skills of Physics, Mathematics, and Social Studies.

Industrial Engineering skills are emphasized on information and machine aspects with consideration on human, materials, and energy aspects (integral systems productivity design and efficiency).

Management skills are emphasized on human and information aspects with consideration on material, machine, and energy asspects (system integrals management, operation, and dynamics).


Work Fields

Manufacturing Industries: Metal Industry, Chemical Industry, Automotive, Garment, Textile, Wood and Furniture
Service Industries: Engineering Consultants, Banking, Telecommunication, Trade, Information System and Technology.