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Teknik Lingkungan, Institut Teknologi Bandung

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Teknik Lingkungan, Institut Teknologi Bandung

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Teknik Lingkungan, Institut Teknologi Bandung


1. Effect of Hypomicrobium sp. In Biogas Formation from Organic Waste Treated by Batch Mode Anaerobic Digestion, Environmental and Naturan Resources Journal 2020; 18(3)257-267. DOI: 10.32526/ennrj.18.3.2020.24 (Q3- SJR0.15 – 2 H Index)

2. Tofu’s Liquid waste treatment by continuous vermibiofilter column-type reactor, IOP Conf. Series: Earth and Environmental Science 483 (2020) 012014. (SJR 0.18-18HIndex),

3. Utilization of waste as biogas substrate by dominan microbes identified, The 4th International Seminar of Mathematic, Science and Computer Science Education. IOP Conf. Series: Journal of Physics: Conf. Series: 1013 (2018) 012211.

4. Circulation of Leachate Organic Solid Waste in Fixed Bed Reactor with Pressure Swing Absorption Technology, The 3rd International Conference Energy, Environment and Information System, 14th – 15th August 2018, Universitas Diponegoro, Semarang, Indonesia. Published online: 21 December 2018, DOI:

5. Studi pengolahan kandungan ion logam (Fe, Mn, Cu, Zn) lindi sampah oleh zeolit.


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