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Teknologi Geospasial, remote sensing


Sarjana (S1)

Teknik Geodesi, Institut Teknologi Bandung

Magister (S2)

Teknik Geodesi dan Geomatika, Institut Teknologi Bandung

Doktor (S3)

Teknik Geodesi dan Geomatika, Institut Teknologi Bandung


1. An investigation of age and yield of fresh fruit bunches of oil palm based on ALOS PALSAR 2
2. Impact of topography and tidal height on ALOS PALSAR polarimetric measurements to estimate aboveground biomass of mangrove forest in Indonesia
3. Phenology and classification of abandoned agricultural land based on ALOS-1 and 2 PALSAR multi-temporal measurements
4. Quick assessment on identification of damaged building and land‐use changes in the post‐tsunami disaster with a quick‐look image of IKONOS and Quickbird
5. Development of aboveground mangrove forests’ biomass dataset for Southeast Asia based on ALOS-PALSAR 25-m mosaic


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