National Institute of Technology (ITENAS) at Bandung is an institution of tertiary education located on PKH Mustopha street No. 23, Bandung. Lying at the heart of the area which is easily accessed from various directions, the Campus is considered strategic. Itenas is also dubbed as one of the most lively and fun campuses as it is surrounded by shopping centers, culinary centers, printings, and housings.

The National Institute of Technology (Institut Teknologi Nasional/ITENAS) at Bandung was founded by the Dayang Sumbi Educational Foundation. Itenas was originally an academy established on December 14, 1972 (based on the decree issued by Dayang Sumbi Educational Foundation Management Board No. 01/Kep/DS/1972) under the name of the National Academy of Technology (Akademi Teknologi Nasional/ATENAS). The Academy consisted of four (4) departments i.e. Architecture, Civil, Electrical, and Engineering. At that time Prof. R. Soetodjo, Ir., was appointed as the Director of Atenas. In 1984 Atenas changed into Itenas at the same time with the appointment of R. Mansoer Wiratmadja, Ir., as the Rector of Itenas (based on the decree issued by the Management of Dayang Sumbi Education Foundation No. 01/Kep/DS/1984 dated January 3, 1984). Up until now, Itenas continues to grow as one of the best tertiary institutions at both national and international levels. In 2018 Itenas was ranked in the 100 Best Universities listed by the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education. In 2019 Itenas proves itself by stepping up the ladder into 70th position.

The black square is a symbol of multi-talents, and reflects the potential to never ending development, the ability to solve problems, the skills to communicate and collaborate, and the capability to self-adjust to rapid changes. Meanwhile, the white circle inside the black square symbolizes of perpetual continuity in pursuing knowledge to heighten scientific ability and professionalism for the shake of society welfare.

The black equilateral triangle situated at the heart of the white circle is the embodiment of solidity, the reflection of strong personality, high moral and ethical values and well-verse in language, as well as the ownership of fighting and independent spirit. White is associated with purity, cleanliness and neutrality. This means campus world must be pure and honest without taking sides in implementing education. Further, black symbolizes eternity as well as immensity, with the understanding that science has higher value and is far more eternal than matters.

Orange is the symbol of technology, which is the hallmark of education carried out in Itenas. This color usually appears as background color in various Itenas visual company profiles.


Itenas is a leading tertiary institution in the fields of technology, science and art, which plays an active role in sustainable development in both national and global scope, based on high values ​​of integrity, quality and innovation.


Building the nation’s characters through the implementation of the high quality of the Three Pillars of Higher Education commencement,

Graduating bachelors/masters who intellectually excel in intelligence and possess great integrity along with good morals

Creating scientific and innovative works benefiting the welfare of the community

Building science- and technology-based infrastructure and management systems to foster conducive academic atmosphere.

Cultivating the full potential of the academic community thereby they become people who are faithful as well as pious to God Almighty, noble, healthy, knowledgeable, capable, creative, and independent, and become democratic and responsible citizens.

Molding intellectually, spiritually, and emotionally qualified human beings who mastering science, technology, and art, based on the spirit of nationality, value systems, morals, characters and civilization that heighten the nation’s competitiveness.

Equipping students to become citizens who have good faith and great morals, academic and intellectual abilities in the fields of science, technology, and art, entrepreneurial spirit as well as self development skills to build their potential as productive beings for the shake of their own personal life, society, nation, and humanity.

Fostering, disseminating, and applying science, technology, and art to improve people’s welfare and national competitiveness, and to enrich culture

Driving societal changes and revival for the better in accordance with the development of science, technology, and art.