Public Open Space Itenas Bandung

History Of Itenas

Since 1984

Institut Teknologi Nasional (Itenas) is an institution of tertiary education located on P.H.H. Mustofa street no. 23, Bandung. Lying at the heart of the area which is easily accessed from various routes, the campus is considered strategic. Itenas is also dubbed as one of the most lively and fun campuses as it is surrounded by shopping centers, printings, and housing.

Institut Teknologi Nasional was founded by the Dayang Sumbi Educational Foundation. Itenas was originally an academy established on December 14, 1972 (based on the decree issued by Dayang Sumbi Educational Foundation Management Board No. 01/Kep/DS/1972) under the name of the Akademi Teknologi Nasional (Atenas). The academy consists of four departments i.e., Architecture, Civil, Electrical, and Engineering. At that time, Prof. R. Soetodjo, Ir. was appointed as the Director of Atenas.

Atenas transformed into Itenas at the same time with the appointment of R. Mansoer Wiratmadja, Ir. as the Rector of Itenas (based on the decree issued by the Management of Dayang Sumbi Educational Foundation No. 01/Kep/DS/1984 dated January 3, 1984)

Up until now, Itenas continues to grow as one of the best tertiary education institutions at both national and international levels. In 2019, Itenas was ranked among the best 100 universities listed by the Ministry of Research, Technology, and Higher Education by stepping up the ladder to the 70th position.

The black square is a symbol of multi-talents and reflects the developing potential, problem-solving ability, skill of communication and collaboration, and the capability to self-adjust to rapid changes.

Meanwhile, the white circle inside the black square is a symbol of perpetual continuity in pursuing knowledge to escalate scientific ability and professionalism for the sake of society’s welfare.

The black equilateral triangle situated at the center of the white circle is the embodiment of solidity, the reflection of a cultivated and strong personality, high moral and ethical values, also fighting spirit and independence.

For the color scheme, white is associated with purity, cleanliness, and neutrality. This means the campus world must be pure and honest without taking sides in implementing education. Further, black symbolizes eternity as well as immensity, with the understanding that science has higher value and is far more eternal than matter. Orange is the symbol of technology, which is the hallmark of education carried out in Itenas. This color usually appears as a background color in various Itenas visual company profiles.

Vision: Itenas become a leading institution of higher education in technology, science, and art field that actively participates in both national and international sustainable development based on high values of integrity, quality, and innovation.


– Building the national character by performing high-quality threefold missions of higher education.
– Generating intellectually excellent graduates who also have high integrity and moral values.
– Producing beneficial scientific works and innovative works for society’s welfare.
– Developing infrastructure and management systems based on science and technology to foster a conducive academic atmosphere.

– To cultivate the academician’s capability to become pious to God Almighty, noble, healthy, knowledgeable, skillful, creative, and independent human also to become a democratic and responsible citizen.
– To form intellectually, spiritually, and emotionally qualified human beings who also master science, technology, and art based on the national spirit, values, morals, and character as well as civilization that encourages the nation’s competitiveness.
– To prepare students to have faith, have academic and intellectual skills in technology, science, and art, to also have an entrepreneurial spirit and can develop their self-potential as productive people in society, nation, and mankind.
– To elaborate, circulate, and apply science, technology, and art to improve people’s welfare and the nation’s competitiveness as well as to enrich the culture.
– To reinforce the change and renewal of a better society in line with developments of science, technology, and art.