Electrical Engineering Study Program

Electrical Engineering major in Itenas excels in designing and implementing systems in the electrical engineering field, especially in electrical energy engineering systems, telecommunication engineering, and electronics engineering, using the latest technology. In this major, the teaching staffs hold master’s and doctoral degrees from universities in Indonesia and abroad, also the learning process is supported through 5 (five) laboratories: Electrical Energy Engineering Laboratory, Telecommunication Engineering Laboratory, Electronic Engineering Laboratory, Automation Systems Laboratory, and Information Technology Laboratory.

The graduates of Electrical Engineering major in Itenas are:

– Junior experts in electrical energy engineering
– Junior experts in telecommunication engineering
– Junior experts in electronics engineering

They have been working in various fields of work as a Computer Network Engineer, Industrial Engineer, Electrical Power Engineer, Mining Engineer, Telecommunication Network Engineer, Entrepreneur, Electronic Engineer, Software Engineer, Automation Engineer, Robotic Engineer, Control Engineer, and IT Engineer in both national and international companies.

– Students and lecturers in Itenas’ Electrical Engineering major actively participate in the International Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineer (IEEE) organization. Students who are members of the IEEE Student Branch have made achievements at international competitions such as the IEEE South Asia Hackathon on Circuit and Systems, the IEEE SIGHT Health Disasterhack, the IEEE SIGHT on eHealth & Telemedicine Indonesia, the IEEE Xtreme Programming, and others.

– Some students took part in international seminars or extracurricular championships, such as Taekwondo and Student Choirs competitions.

– At the national level, the Electrical Engineering Study Program is also actively involved in various competitions, including the Indonesian Robot Contest (KRI), Student Creativity Program (PKM), Automation Competition, Innovative Competition, and the Internet-of-Things (IoT) Competition.