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The Faculty of Industrial Technology in Institut Teknologi Nasional Bandung is designed to set up things that the industrial world requires. The concept regarding industrial growth and the development of industrial technology, which is now becoming the Industry 4.0 era, must be comprehended before designing and creating new innovations.

The Faculty of Industrial Technology explores students’ potential through leading development research and fosters creativity and innovation, which are the essentials to drive industrial progress. All departments in this faculty support, collaborate, and integrate themselves to achieve the goals.

Currently, this faculty has more than 2.800 students in undergraduate and master programs with the support of 120 lecturers. All the lecturers in the Faculty of Industrial Technology hold a master’s degree and more than 20% of them hold a doctoral degree, both within the country and abroad. This faculty manages 8 study programs, namely:

1.Electrical Engineering Study Program (Bachelor)
2.Mechanical Engineering Study Program (Bachelor)
3.Industrial Engineering Study Program (Bachelor)
4.Chemical Engineering Study Program (Bachelor)
5.Informatics Study Program (Bachelor)
6.Information Systems Study Program (Bachelor)
7.Mechanical Engineering Study Program (Master)
8.Industrial Engineering Study Program (Master)


To become a reputable faculty in the development of industrial science and technology and to play an active role in national and global development.


To coordinate and to encourage all potentials in the faculty to carry out high-quality education, research and community service in order to produce excellent human resources with high morals and ethics.


Electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineering Study Program is a study program that excels in designing and implementing systems in the field of electrical engineering by utilizing the latest technology. a ...

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering Undergraduate Study Program is one of the broadest engineering disciplines dealing with mechanical systems using the principles of physics, ....

Master of Mechanical Engineering

Master of Mechanical Engineering Study Program is a study program that excels in Mechanical Engineering Science, especially in ....

Industrial Engineering

All courses in Industrial Engineering Undergraduate Study Program concern with the design, improvement and installation of ...

Master of Industrial Engineering

The Master of Industrial Engineering Study Program develops the industrial engineering knowledge based on computational modelling ....

Chemical Engineering

Chemical Engineering is a field that studies chemical processes related to the transformation of raw materials into products through chemical and physical operations.


The Informatics Undergraduate Study Program concentrates on producing graduates who master the use of software related ...

Information Systems

The Information Systems Undergraduate Study Program has a curriculum that requires students to learn various concepts and practices of analysing, ...