Information Systems Undergraduate Study Program

The Information Systems Undergraduate Study Program has a curriculum that requires students to learn various concepts and practices of analyzing, designing, and implementing information systems in organizations. In addition, students must also learn the process of creating, processing, storing, distributing, and monitoring data/information/knowledge in an organizational environment. Graduates of the Information Systems Study Program are ensured to be able to think analytically and critically in determining information system solutions based on the competencies of database engineering, system analysis, and information technology governance & planning. During lectures, students will also develop skills in programming (web programming, object-oriented programming, software engineering database programming), project management, analysis and design of application systems, Enterprise Resource Planning, E-business, and information technology governance. These skills and knowledge will support students’ ability to determine optimal IT solutions according to organizational needs.

There are differences between the field of informatics and information systems. Informatics graduates are able to create computer applications that can improve computer performance and applications. Informatics graduates are required to have a very high level of understanding of mathematics and programming; whereas Information Systems graduates are able to propose and evaluate information systems that are aligned with business targets and organizational strategies. The profession of Information Systems graduates is supported by sharp analytical thinking skills and supported by not too complex programming and math skills.

Comparison of information systems and informatics curriculum content:


Capabilities, Knowledge and Skills

Programming Techniques

Systems Analysis and Design

Planning Information Technology for Organizations


Informatics Study Program





Information Systems Study Program





The Information Systems Study Program is a member of the Indonesian Computer Science Higher Education Association (Asosiasi Pendidikan Tinggi Ilmu Komputer Indonesia/APTIKOM). Currently, this study program collaborates with PT Sonar Analitika Indonesia, in the form of Practical Work, Final Project, and research that focuses on the field of Business Intelligent. In addition to cooperation with this company, Information Systems students have had the opportunity to attend lectures at Szent Istvan University, Hungary.

The developed research consists of developing information technology architecture, developing information technology governance plans, developing data science, and developing data warehouses. The lecturers have the following certifications: SQL Server 2012 Database Development, MS Project, MOS Specialist, and/or EC Council Project Management.


The running course contents in this study program are grouped into:

1. E-Business and Information System Solutions (Basic Programming, Database Programming, Enterprise Resource Planning, Customer Relations Management)
2. Information Technology Planning (Information Engineering, IS/IT Strategic Planning)
3. Information Technology Governance (Information Technology Infrastructure, Security and Risk Management of Information System)
4. Database Engineering (Database Administrator and Intelligent Business)

– Information System Developer

– Database Engineer

– System analyst and IT planner

– IS/IT governance analyst

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