Science Techno Park is a unit built for exhibiting academic products and innovative research as well as an epicenter of academic communities’ innovations in various scientific fields. Science Techno Park also motivates the lecturer in prioritizing national research and other collaborative research to boost regional and national economies.

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1. An enclosed 150 m2 space located in Itenas Student Center Building as a business space, co-working space, and ecosystem and network space that supports tenant business development.
2. An open 500 m2 space for Science Techno Park activities as an area for the development of research and innovation results.


1. Supporting innovation and commercialization of technology, development of business creations and employment as well as economic development from the results of research works by lecturers and students.
2. Bridging the research conducted by Itenas Bandung with the industrial world.
3. Developing an industry that promotes innovation and collaboration with various parties and brings benefits to society both nationally and internationally.
4. Building strategic partnerships with the industrial world, both domestically and abroad.
5. Conserving Itenas Bandung’s inventions and innovations as intellectual property.
6. Carrying out intermediation of technology transfer of Itenas research results in order to improve the quality of the intellectual property.
7. Organizing incubation programs for start-ups.


– Automotive Industries
– Creative Industries
– Residential and Environmental Industries
– Communication and Information Technologies