Civil Engineering undergraduate major sets up a Bachelor of Engineering with expertizes in planning, executing, supervising, and maintaining infrastructures such as transportation infrastructures (roads, bridges, airports, harbors, railways), buildings, and any others. Itenas’ Civil Engineering major is excellent in designing continuous transportation infrastructures (roads, bridges, airports, harbors) and buildings.

The students will study and develop their knowledge in any field of construction including continuous infrastructures, steel structures, material technologies (i.e. concretes and steels), structure planning for buildings, structure planning for bridges, traffic engineering management, transportation system, road pavement design, road maintenance, road constructions, railway design, airport design, urban drainage, irrigation, waterworks, construction cost estimation, soil improvement, structural dynamics and seismic engineering, and also soil dynamics and dynamic foundations.

1. Junior experts in planning transportation infrastructures (roads, bridges, buildings, airports, and harbors)
2. Junior experts in designing transportation infrastructures (roads, bridges, buildings, airports, and harbors)
3. Junior experts in construction materials (soil, concrete, timber, splits, asphalt)
4. Junior experts in the implementation of infrastructure development (roads, bridges, buildings, airports, and harbors)

  • Civil Engineering undergraduate major has partnership programs with both national and international universities such as TU Graz University (Austria), Kansai University (Japan), and Guangxi University (China).