Research at Itenas is a multi-science collaboration that develops novelty in technology and design. It aims at fostering innovations which can be applied in all walks of life. Itenas strongly supports research activities carried out by the Institute’s academic community. This realizes by providing research grant programs through its Research and Community Service Institute, as well as reliable sources of information and well established facilities to assist the academic community in their ongoing or future research process.

The focuses of research in Itenas are deeply rooted from various fields of science such as engineering, design, business, and culture. The selection of research focusses are hope to flourish innovations which are beneficial for science development, the life of the Nation, and humanity.

The research focusses Itenas selects in developing research excellence cover:

1. Sustainable Built environment
2. Geodatabase & Spatial Analysis
3. Renewable Energy System
4. Creative Industry
5. Electric Vehicle
6. Bio-mechatronics
7. Nanotechnology

Research results are expected to be influential in the development of science and technology, in the creation of development policies, and in the enrichment of learning materials (research-based teaching). All of those become the objectives of Itenas’ research quality.

Good research is supported by the provision of facilities which are well established and in accordance with requirements, such as laboratories, workshops, and rooms for group discussion. Research is expected to drives interdisciplinary works collaborating various knowledge group areas existing in Itenas, so that appear the needs to exploit not just one type of facility. Some studies require more supporting facilities than other. Occasionally, some studies also requires mobile facilities. Those varieties of facility needed by the researchers of Itenas academic community are fully equipped by Itenas through the Institute for Research and Community Service (LPPM).

The physical and non-physical supports provided by LPPM to flourish research conducted by Itenas academic community:

Actively seizing external opportunities and optimizing the use of the Institute’s intellectual assets;

Disseminating information on the profile and potential expertise/abilities of the lecturers as well as on the facilities and infrastructures available at the Institute;

Facilitating and developing lecturers’ capabilities in conducting research and community service activities;

Assuring the quality of research and community service at the Institute;

Developing plans for research and community service through the establishment of themes and road maps for the activities;

Encouraging, endeavoring, and facilitating the processes of acquisition of intellectual property rights (IPR);

Coordinating activities conducted in research/study centers and Intellectual Property Management unit;

Developing the efforts to improve the intellectual abilities of Itenas academic community;

Increasing the utilization of the Intellectual Property Management Unit, for the benefits of both the Institute and the wider community;

providing assistance in form of resources needed for research and community service activities;

Managing the dissemination and publication of the results of research and community services carried out by the Institute’s academic community; and

  1. Organizing collaboration with, either domestic or international, government as well as private agencies to reap benefits for each involved party.

The Itenas academic community is fully supported by the Institute to conduct research in accordance with their respective mastery and expertise. Itenas also encourages the academic community to never cease converting ideas into new instrumental innovations. The inter-disciplinary collaboration promoted by Itenas results in the breadth and depth of research which is unique in terms of research methods, potential, and results.

Each and every result of research conducted by Itenas academic community is fully supported to be published in the form of seminars, journals, and other scientific publications. In line with this policy, Itenas publishes national journals such as Rekayasa Itenas Journal, Rekarupa Journal, Elkomika Journal, Rekayasa Hijau Journal, Reka Integra Journal, Terracotta Architecture Journal, Reka Karsa Journal, Reka Racana Journal, Reka Geomatika Journal, Reka Lingkungan Journal, Reka Jiva Journal, and Mind Journal.